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This is a list of all the words I recognise:

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Keyword Response Action?
42 Articles require significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject. No
911 If you are reporting a serious threat of violence, suicide or death threat, bomb threat, etc., please email with the relevant information. No
? ? Emoji commands! ? No
@mustlink We require those involved with paid editing on Wikipedia to link on their user page to all other active accounts on external websites through which they advertise paid Wikipedia editing business. Please see for more information No
UPD Usernames that likely offend other contributors, imply personal attacks, provoke emotional reaction and show a clear intent to disrupt Wikipedia are not allowed on Wikipedia. No
UPP Usernames that unambiguously consist of a name of a company, group, institution, email addresses and URLs are considered promotional and not allowed on Wikipedia. No
acc You may request an account using the ACC process at No
accesslist No
accgraph No
accissue{0} No
accounts-enwiki-l No
accpull{0} No
accrequest You may request an account using the ACC process at No
addbotoff !unstalk en.wikipedia user Addbot No
advert Please note that Wikipedia is not a means of advertising. Please do not create articles with the intention of promoting yourself, your company or organization. We might suggest social media platforms instead. No
afc To submit an article at Articles for Creation for review, type {{subst:submit}} at the top of the page and click the [Publish Changes] button. Full directions that can be found at: No
afcbacklog We have a SEVERE backlog at AfC right now, your article could take a few weeks to be reviewed. No
afcc {0} , please request your category at No
afcr {0} , please request your redirect at No
afctalk Open your draft. There should be a line similar to "Submission declined on DD MM YYYY by Example (talk)." Click on talk. Then, click on "New section" in the top right hand corner. Once you are done typing your message, scroll down and click the blue "Publish changes" button. You are set! No
asfaq For common questions relating to an existing article about you, someone you represent, or your organization, check out No
ask No need to say "I have a question," or ask "Is anyone around," or "Can anyone help." Just ask the question, and someone will help you if they can. Thanks :-) No
athlete The notability guidelines for the inclusion of athletes, coaches, teams, and various other sports subjects can be found at No
autobio Creating autobiographies is STRONGLY discouraged. For more information, see No
band The notability requirements for inclusion of musicians, bands, singers, DJs, etc... can be found at No
bash No
bb Wikipedia is not for promoting something, and really, really, REALLY hates being treated as such. Imagine if your house were turned into a billboard overnight for no reason. You would be pretty angry too. No
beans Do NOT stuff beans up your nose by telling someone not to do something - it just makes them want to do it more. No
bfaq For common issues, guidelines, and policies related to creating or editing articles related to businesses, organizations, and clubs, check out No
billboard Wikipedia is not for promoting something, and really, really, REALLY hates being treated as such. Imagine if your house were turned into a billboard overnight for no reason. You would be pretty angry too. No
bingtranslate{0*} No
bio The notability guidelines for articles about most people can be found at No
blocked We can not assist blocked users in this channel. Please follow the instructions on your talk page ( ) if possible, or have a look at . Alternatively, /join #wikipedia-en-unblock to discuss the matter with administrators. No
blp Material about living persons added to any Wikipedia page must be written with the greatest care and attention to verifiability, neutrality, and avoidance of original research. No
bold Wikipedia encourages editors to take initiative to edit articles. You can't really "break" anything. So, be and if you get, go to the talk page and it! No
bot I (Helpmebot) am a robot. Anything I say is either automatic or directly requested by someone else. Instead of addressing replies to me, please address them to the human helpers. No
brain No
brd See the "bold, revert, discuss" method for reaching consensus:, or the image version: No
bug{0} No
bugsearch{0} No
ca{0*:title} No
cfaq Frequently asked questions related to copywrites, including adding copywrited material, dealing with copyright violations you find, fair use, and licenses can be found at No
chu {0}, your current username may violate our - Please consider visiting and requesting a new username. Thank you. No
chus Go here to rename your account. No
click In order to type, please click on the white rectangular box at the bottom of your screen and begin typing, and press enter to send a message. No
cloak If you have a verified e-mail address, at least 250 edits on Wikimedia projects, and have been registered for at least three months, and your account is in good standing, you may request a Wikipedia cloak. Please review the information at for details. No
cmd No
cmdhelp{0} No
coi In order to edit Wikipedia while having ANY close connection to the subject of an article, our policies require that you make a COI (conflict of interest) disclosure. Please review this link for more information on how to do so: No
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