Flags and flag groups

Helpmebot now uses a flag-based access control system, and as such the commands that can be accessed are determined by which flags you have available to you.

Bear in mind that these flags can be granted to a hostmask, NickServ account, channel mode, or channel, and as such your "voiced" or "opped" status, or even the channel you are in might change the flags you have available to you at that time.

The currently defined flags are listed below.

I Access to general information

Allows use of the information commands, which provide information which is publicly available

a Access to WP:ACC commands

Allows access to the WP:ACC commands, including !accstatus and !acccount

F Access to fun commands

Allows use of the fun commands, such as !trout where those commands have been enabled in the channel.

c Access to channel-local configuration

Allows changing the configuration of the bot within a single channel only. Configuration settings which affect multiple channels are not controlled by this flag

P Access to sensitive data commands

Allows access to commands which - by their nature - provide data which is slightly more sensitive (such as !whois) or perform operations which are more disruptive (such as !fetchall)

A Access to ACL modification commands

Allows changing the access control lists, and which flags and flag groups users have

M Access to bot management commands

Allows management of the bot

b Access to brain commands

Allows learning, forgetting, and editing of brain commands

C Access to global configuration commands

Allows changing the configuration of the bot in any channel it is in. This flag also allows changing channel-specific configuration where that configuration affects multiple channels.

U Enable fun commands

Allows re-enabling the fun commands in a channel where they have been disabled.

o Access to channel operator commands

Allows using commands which perform channel operator actions

O Access to Owner-only commands

Allows access to commands which are highly sensitive, such as !raw

S Standard commands

Commands anyone can use