Automatic link parsing

Helpmebot can be configured to automatically detect MediaWiki-style wikilinks in a channel, and transform them into a standard URL. The effect of this is similar to someone running the !link command after every message containing a wikilink:

<@stwalkerster> This is a [[test]] message.
<@stwalkerster> But this message doesn't contain any links

Automatic parsing of links follows the same logic as the !link command - interwiki prefixes are parsed out and template syntax is transformed into a the Template namespace.

<@stwalkerster> But have you considered the {{cite web}} template?
<@stwalkerster> maybe the french article? [[fr:Test]]

Multiple links in one message are grouped into one line:

<@stwalkerster> some vegetables: [[carrot]] [[potato]] [[parsnip]] [[mushroom]]


To configure autolinking in a channel, use the !autolink command in that channel.

Enable: !autolink enable

Disable: !autolink disable