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Command list is shown below.


Command Description Switches Access Level
Acccount Shows how many Account Creation requests user has closed as created today.   Advanced
Accdeploy Deploys specified revision to ACC sandbox.   Advanced
Access Changes access levels on the bot.   Superuser
Accstats Shows last activity in the ACC tool and on-wiki username of user.   Advanced
Accstatus Shows a summary of all outstanding Account Creation requests by type.   Advanced
Afcbacklog ⧼hmb-command-afcbacklog⧽   Advanced
Afccount Shows how many articles for creation there are.   Semiignored
Age Returns the age of a user.   Normal
Autolink Turns on local autolinking, turns off local autolinking, or resets to the global setting.
Use the @global flag to modify the global setting.
@global Advanced
Beer Gives a user a beer.   Advanced
Blockinfo Returns the block status of a user.   Normal
Blockmonitor ⧼hmb-command-blockmonitor⧽   Superuser
Blockuser Provides a link to the block form.   Normal
Categorysize Retrieves the number of items in a category.   Normal
Champagne ⧼hmb-command-champagne⧽   Advanced
Charge Charges a laser.   Advanced
Chillpill ⧼hmb-command-chillpill⧽   Advanced
Cluebat Hits user with a cluebat.   Advanced
Coffee Gives a user a cup of coffee. Could be hot, could be cold/ice, could be spiked. Helpmebot sometimes runs out and gives tea instead.   Advanced
Commandaccess Reports the required access level to execute the specified command.   Normal
Configcacheclear Clears the configuration cache.   Advanced
Cookie Gives a user a cookie.   Normal
Curl Disables the bot's fun commands in the current channel.   Advanced
Date Returns the current date and time (UTC).   Normal
Decode Decodes a hexadecimal representation of an IP address.   Normal
Die Kills the bot.   Superuser
Drink Gives user a drink.   Advanced
Editcount Gives the edit count of the specified user.   Normal
Electrocute Electrocutes user.   Advanced
Exorcise ⧼hmb-command-exorcise⧽   Advanced
Fetchall Fetches all categories. @cats Normal
Forget Forgets a learned keyword.   Superuser
Friday Shows Helpmebot's disgust for Rebecca Black.   Advanced
Game ⧼hmb-command-game⧽   Advanced
Gancount Returns the current Good Article nomination count.   Normal
Geolocate Geolocates an IP address into a location.   Advanced
Google ⧼hmb-command-google⧽   Normal
Helper Pokes the helpers for help.   Semiignored
Initialisetimemonitor Initialise new year time monitor thread   Developer
Isgd Retrieves a short URL from the url shortening service.   Normal
Join Makes the bot join a channel.   Superuser
Keyword Responder to !helpme, !per, !sper, etc.   Semiignored
Keyword delay Returns the current delay on this category watcher. (Providing the new delay sets the delay to this value).   Advanced
Keyword disable Disables the current category watcher for the current channel.   Advanced
Keyword enable Enables the current category watcher for the current channel.   Advanced
Keyword status Shows the status of a category watcher in the current channel.   Normal
Kill ⧼hmb-command-kill⧽   Advanced
Learn Learns a keyword, for later recall. @action Superuser
Lick Licks someone.   Advanced
Link Parses the given wikilink (or last on that channel) into a link to Wikipedia. @secure Semiignored
Maxlag Returns the maximum replication lag on the base site.   Normal
Messagecount Provides a count of the messages that have been sent to IRC.   Advanced
Minnow ⧼hmb-command-minnow⧽   Advanced
Myaccess Returns your access level.   Semiignored
Notify ⧼hmb-command-notify⧽   Advanced
Nuke ⧼hmb-command-nuke⧽   Advanced
Oauth Twitter application authentication setup   Developer
Page Gives information on a page.   Normal
Part Removes the bot from a channel.   Superuser
Pat Pats a user.   Advanced
Pie ⧼hmb-command-pie⧽   Advanced
Pillow ⧼hmb-command-pillow⧽   Advanced
Ping ⧼hmb-command-ping⧽   Normal
Raw Sends a raw IRC line to the default IRC network.   Developer
Rawctcp Sends a raw IRC line to the default IRC network, in the format PRIVMSG {2} :\001{1} {3+}\001   Developer
Refresh ⧼hmb-command-refresh⧽   Superuser
Reg Retrieves the registration of a user (alias of !registration).   Normal
Registration Gives the registration date of the specified user.   Normal
Resolve Resolves a hostname into an IP address.   Normal
Rights Retrieve user access rights.   Normal
Salmon See Trout.   Advanced
Sayhi Bot AI: Says hi to the person who called the command.   Normal
Silence Sets a local silence, sets a local unsilence, or resets to the global setting.
Use the @global flag to modify the global setting.
@global Advanced
Sir ⧼hmb-command-sir⧽   Advanced
Soda ⧼hmb-command-soda⧽   Advanced
Stab ⧼hmb-command-stab⧽   Advanced
Tea ⧼hmb-command-tea⧽   Advanced
Teach ⧼hmb-command-teach⧽   Superuser
Threadstatus Report all running threads in the bot.   Superuser
Time Provides the current time UTC.   Normal
Trout Trouts a user.   Advanced
Tweet Posts an update to Twitter and Facebook.   Developer
Udplog Sets the local UDP logging port number   Developer
Uncurl Enables the bot's fun commands in the current channel.   Superuser
Uptime Retrieves the time the bot has been running.   Normal
Userinfo Gives a batch of information on the specified user. @long @short Normal
Version Returns the version of the bot. @svn Normal
Vorticough Produces a random Vortigaunt quote in the current channel.   Advanced
Welcomer Configures welcoming.   Advanced
Whale Injures a user quite a lot.   Advanced
Whistle ⧼hmb-command-whistle⧽   Advanced
Whoami ⧼hmb-command-whoami⧽   Semiignored
Whois ⧼hmb-command-whois⧽   Advanced