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Available variables

You may use the following variables in your message:

  • Numbered variables such as {0}, {1}, and {2} may be used to reflect the input passed to Helpmebot with the command.
  • Numbered variables can also be used like {1*} to display everything from parameter {1} to the end of the input. Don't forget that numbered variables start at 0 so {1} is the second word.
  • {channel} is the full name of the current channel.
  • {nickname}!{username}@{hostname} are three variables that represent the host mask of the user calling the command.
    • {nickname} is the user's nick in the channel
    • {username} is also known as "ident" on other IRC servers.
    • {hostname} this will be the user's cloak if they have one, otherwise it will be the host ISP's name and maybe IPv4 address they are connected from.