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Helpmebot now uses a flag-based access control system, and as such the commands that can be accessed are determined by which flags you have available to you.

Bear in mind that these flags can be granted to a hostmask, NickServ account, channel mode, or channel, and as such your "voiced" or "opped" status, or even the channel you are in might change the flags you have available to you at that time.

The currently-defined flags are listed below

ACC (a)

Allows access to the w:WP:ACC commands, including !accstatus and !acccount

Access Control (A)

Allows changing the access control lists, and which flags users have

Brain (b)

Allows learning and forgetting new learnt commands

Bot Information (B)

Provides information about the bot itself

Local configuration (c)

Allows changing the configuration of the bot within a single channel only

Global configuration (C)

Allows changing the configuration of the bot in any channel it is in

Fun (F)

Allows use of the "fun" commands, such as !trout

Information (I)

Allows use of the information commands, which provide information which is publicly available

Bot Management (M)

Allows management of the bot

Owner (O)

Allows access to commands which are highly sensitive

Protected (P)

Allows access to commands which provide data which is slightly more sensitive, such as !whois, !fetchall, and !curl

Standard (S)

Commands anyone can use

Uncurl (U)

Allows re-enabling the fun commands in a channel where they have been disabled.

Legacy flags

These flags are granted for access to the legacy commands only, and will be removed at a later date

Semiignored (x)

Advanced (y)

Superuser (z)